For over ninety years, the floating roof has maintained its status as the preferred method for controlling product evaporation from ASTs. Despite this technology’s remarkable track record, the risk of floating roof failures is steadily increasing as the population of tanks throughout the world ages. Experience shows that regardless of the root cause of an accident, floating roofs exhibit specific behavior patterns prior to failure. AST owners have been seeking sensor solutions that can detect signs of impending failure within sufficient time to prevent incidents. To fill the existing void, the FR-Tracker™ monitoring solution was developed in close cooperation with the petroleum industry as an effective and economical tool for accident prevention through continuous monitoring of key AST parameters.

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The FR-Tracker™ sensor system evaluates the state of the floating roof to determine whether it is operating safely. Wireless sensors are permanently installed on the deck and constantly monitor a variety of parameters which may indicate abnormal conditions that may be caused by::

  • Dangerous rain water accumulation.
  • Excessive snow load.
  • Loss of buoyancy due to leaky pontoon or punctured deck.
  • Delayed roof collapse as a result of seismic events.
  • Overfilling.
  • Roof misalignment.
  • Abnormal rotation of the FR.
  • Large gas bubbles in liquid product.
  • Sticking ladders or seals.

The system simultaneously interprets data from multiple sensors across the floating roof to ensure reliability, detection accuracy, and immunity to false alarms.