EFRT FloodingFloating Roof Flooding Detection

Blocked floating roof drains or overwhelming rainfall can cause floating roofs to exceed their designed maximum fluid depth on deck. The FR-Tracker™ system can detect when the fluid level is approaching designed limits, and inclination indicative of a sinking roof.

EFRT Snow AccumulationFloating Roof Snow Accumulation Detection

As with fluid accumulation, excess snowfall can place more weight on the floating roof than it is designed to handle. Snow layers on EFRTs typically have a layer of liquid at their bottom that is detectable by the FR-Tracker™ system's fluid level sensor.

EFRT Stuck SealFloating Roof Stuck Seal Detection

A stuck seal, ladder or other equipment can lead to roof damage or even sinking. The FR-Tracker™ system can detect the tell-tale vibrations and roof inclination.

EFRT VibrationSeismic Activity or Other Abnormal Vibration Detection

Seismic activity or any of a number of other factors can cause vibrations in the floating roof.

EFRT OverfillTank Overfill Detection

When positioned under the gauger's platform or other suitable obstacle, an FR-Tracker™ Multi-Sensor equipped with an optional overfill detection whisker warns when overfill conditions exist as indicated by the level of the floting roof. If needed, a target plate for the detection whisker may be affixed to the bottom of the FR-Tracker™ Repeater assembly.