IFRT Stuck SealFloating Roof Stuck Seal Detection

A stuck seal, ladder or other equipment can lead to roof damage or even sinking. The FR-Tracker™ system can detect the tell-tale vibrations and roof inclination.

IFRT VibrationSeismic Activity or Other Abnormal Vibration Detection

Seismic activity or any of a number of other factors can cause vibrations in the floating roof.

IFRT OverfillTank Overfill Detection

When positioned at the edge of the floating roof, an FR-Tracker™ Multi-Sensor equipped with an optional overfill detection whisker warns when overfill conditions exist as indicated by the level of the roof.

IFRT BubblesDetection of Floating Roof Agitation due to Gas Slugs

Slugs of air or gas entering the tank when being filled can impact the floating roof from below, causing vibrations and flexing. Both these symptoms are detectable by the FR-Tracker™ system.