Innovation driven by safety


WirelessHART Sensor Hub

Transmitters The Sensor Hub is configured to detect inclination, temperature, and vibration. When paired with Sensor Probes, hydrocarbons and fluids (like water) can also be detected. Sensor Hubs are intrinsically safe devices suitable for Zone 0 deployment.

WirelessHART Inclinometers

Inclinometers The Inclinometer is used for any monitoring application where sensitive and accurate inclination detection is required. Inclinometers are intrinsically safe devices suitable for Zone 0 deployment.

WirelessHART Repeaters

Repeaters The Repeater is used as a network bridge over significant distances or lack of direct sight between Sensor Hubs/Inclinometers and the WirelessHART Gateway. Repeaters are intrinsically safe devices suitable for Zone 0 deployment.

WirelessHART Gateways

Gateways WirelessHART Gateways receive and store data from WirelessHART devices within the network.

Monitoring Software

Software Syscor Tracker monitoring software works with FR-Tracker and HC-Tracker to provide real-time, end-to-end detection capacity. It can run as a stand-alone unit on site, within existing secure environments, or in a cloud-based environment.

FR-Tracker™ 1.0

FR-Tracker 1.0 FR-Tracker 1.0 is a stand-alone package that monitors and records key parameters of aboveground storage tank (AST) floating roofs. Although FR-Tracker 2.0 is now supplied for new installations, the 1.0 system is supported for existing installations.

Sensor Probes

Sensors Sensor Probes, using innovative polymer absorption (PA) sensor technology, detect the presence of hydrocarbons and fluids.


Antennas Correct antennas can improve communication among system field units and between field units and the WirelessHARTâ„¢ Gateway. A variety of antennas are available to accommodate site and application requirements.


Batteries Syscor's lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries provide Sensor Hubs, Data Repeaters, and Inclinometers up to 10 years of power depending on the application and sampling rate. Syscor's batteries are designed for intrinsically safe devices that are suitable for Zone 0 deployment.

Mounting Brackets

Brackets Universal and floating roof mounting brackets allow Sensor Hubs, Data Repeaters, and Inclinometers to be mounted in a variety of locations.

Stackable Monitoring Well

Well Used for facilities and equipment above ground, below ground, and within water bodies. Stackable Monitoring Well components consist of perforated, stainless steel tubing with a polymeric sleeve to protect Sensor Transducers.