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To explore how our products work together as a system see our Safety Systems overview or to discover the applicable system/products for your use case see our list of Applications.

Syscor Tracker Field Transmitters:


PCU-X00 WirelessHART Repeater

Battery powered WirelessHART network repeater

Sensor Hub

PCU-X01 WirelessHART Sensor Hub

Battery power and WirelessHART communications hub for up to two Hydrocarbon Detectors


PCU-X11 WirelessHART Inclinometer

All the features of the Sensor Hub plus inclination monitoring

Syscor Tracker Sensor Probes:


HCD Hydrocarbon Detector Probe

Hydrocarbon, acceleration/vibration and temperature sensing


HCDW Hydrocarbon Detector Probe with Water Level

All the features of an HCD Hydrocarbon Detector Probe plus water level sensing

Syscor Tracker Battery Packs:

19Ah Battery Pack

841 PCU-X00/X01 Battery Pack

Intrinsically Safe battery pack for the PCU-X00 Repeater and PCU-X01 Sensor Hub

38Ah Battery Pack

902 PCU-X11 Battery Pack

Intrinsically Safe high-capacity battery pack for the PCU-X11 Inclinometer



Rapid Deployment ELDS

Remote integrity monitoring for petroleum infrastructure




A selection of antennas to suit specific application requirements

Mounting Brackets

Mounting hardware for securing Field Devices

Stackable Monitoring Well

Stackable Monitoring Well

Protects and stabilizes underground cables and Hydrocarbon Detector Probes

Surge Arresters

Surge Arresters

Surge protection for devices exposed to lightning strike risk