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PCU-X00 WirelessHART Repeater

Repeater with 8dBi omnidirectional and RHCP antennas


Syscor’s battery-powered PCU-X00 Repeater acts as a RF mesh network extender for WirelessHART products. This is useful in situations where WirelessHART products are out of range or cannot communicate due to a physical obstruction. Not for use with external sensor probes.


Primarily WirelessHART field devices monitoring petroleum infrastructure.


Network Topology

Repeater Network

The Repeater's place within a WirelessHART network is as a communications-only node within the mesh network alongside data gathering nodes such as Sensor Hubs and/or Inclinometer.

Repeaters may be installed where a gap exists in the network but no data gathering is needed, or as a common point of connection for a collection of otherwise isolated data gathering nodes (e.g. connecting floating roof mounted nodes to the outside network via a repeater on the tank rim)

Repeater with 3dBi antenna mounted on a pole Repeater mounted on storage tank rim

Repeater Accessories



Battery Options

The 19Ah battery pack provide 10+ years of power.

For storage tank floating roof applications, right hand circular polarized (RHCP) antennas are recommended to alleviate multipath issues caused by metal obstructions.

Antenna Options