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Stackable Monitoring Well

Monitoring well tube and accessories


Syscor’s stainless steel Stackable Monitoring Well protects and stabilizes sensitive hydrocarbon detection equipment underground. The optional PolyFluoro Wicking Sleeve blocks soil, debris, and mud from plugging the well, which preserves access to the sensor probes over time. The PCU-X01 Sensor Hub, Rapid Deployment External Leak Detection System (ELDS) and related antennas can be mounted to the aboveground portion of the steel tubing using standard hardware.


The Stackable Monitoring Well is a component of the HC-Tracker and Rapid Deployment External Leak Detection System (ELDS) in monitoring well applications such as:

PolyFluoro Wicking Sleeve Monitoing well in gravel substrate Well sections being threaded together

Well Assembly


Stackable Stainless Steel Tubing

  • Perforations allow water and hydrocarbons to pass through
  • Lightweight, 2ft. sections are threaded together for rapid deployment
  • An optional bottom end cap provides additional protection for equipment inside
  • Resistant to physical damage and corrosion

Optional PolyFluoro Wicking Sleeve

  • Prevents soil, debris, and mud from blocking the well
  • Fabricated from a chemically inert Teflon (PTFE) material
  • Resistant to UV degradation and water penetration
  • 35g (1.23oz) /ft.
  • Pore size of 0.5μm
  • Operating temperature: -196°C to +260°C (-320.8°F to +500°F)


PDF Stackable Monitoring Well Spec Sheet
PDF PolyFluoro Wicking Sleeve Spec Sheet

PDF HC-Tracker Safety System Solution Sheet
PDF Rapid Deployment ELDS Safety System Solution Sheet

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